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CM's Desk

Shrirang Prakash Pol,(Chairman)

I welcome all of you in SSVB family

I know that you have selected SSVB so wisely. To treat customer as a God is India’s oldest tradition and SSVB have taken those values and growing with them. SSVB is working for customers, our customers gave us salary and income, and to fulfil their dreams and expectation is our goal. Our management fully focus on finding ways to increase income of the all stakeholders of SSVB, But we always take care that customer never be trouble or gain any loss to fulfil their Dreams or increase income.

Every individual working in SSVB always think about customer and how to make them happy, and also make them happy, and we succeed in gaining trust of millions customer, SSVB is live example of success by Team work and this team is made of honest, good character, intelligent ,Hard working, Dedicated to work, and result oriented staff.

We proved that For us nothing is impossible, we are succeed to achieve all dream by self-confidence we have achieved our goal above the expectation and before the time limit, we always take care that customer get value for money.

Human always wanted to fly like bird in sky, we believe in you and your dream, SSVB is giving you chance to make your dream come true and for that we are providing training and instruments, to be member of SSVB itself means self Development, Team work, to learn new way of business, using new techniques, increase self confidence, success, Growth, life full of happiness means our dream come true.

SSVB gives you new way to live life, Motivates you, and promise of Bright future.

Friends SSVB is always working for your growth and help you too, But your positive thinking and hard work is the right power, Believe in yourself stand up and accept challenges to make your dream come true, your this step will make your whole life full of happiness.

SSVB will always stand with you, I congratulate you from bottom of my heart for your new life with happiness.

Yours faithfully,

Shrirang Prakash Pol,