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Buffalo Rearing  Buffalo Rearing


SSVB's vision is to make India rich, prosper and healthy. To fulfil this vision, SSVB completely understand his role and responsibility. Our endeavour is to contribute maximum to India's GDP and as we all know our GDP has maximum impact from Farming and Animal husbandry. These two contributes almost 22% in India's GDP.

With the presence in Farming thru partnership farming, we are also active in Animal Husbandry thru partnership Buffalo.

Animal Husbandry & Dairying may be regarded as a source to create the employment in rural areas all round the year. Indian Agriculture is mainly dependent on monsoon and hence agriculture field faces certain bottlenecks to provide employment during such periods. On an average Agriculture sector may provide 200 days employment to the rural persons. This means they have to find alternate source of employment for income during the rest of the year. Dairy farming, sheep and goat rearing, poultry production are the alternate sources of mix farming. It may be possible to generate the employment for the farmers as well as land less labourers who can do this job themselves.

Fortunately India is blessed with a tremendous livestock wealth. It has the largest population of cattle and buffalo in the world and its breeds are admired for heat tolerance and inherent resistance to diseases and ability to thrive under different climatic condition. Production of milk and cattle farming is quite profitable in comparison to production of grain for the farmer. Development rate of milk, eggs, and mutton and fish industries is 5 to 10 percentage. Development rate of milk and cattle farming industry (CAGR) is 6.55 percentages in year 2014-15.

We are encouraging Indian farmers for Buffalo Rearing and Goat Rearing. The challenge which farmers are facing is mainly due to economical condition. SSVB understand the root cause and thus providing help in the form of Partnership Animal Rearing, by providing financial help to them.

We use to buy buffaloes for the customer and providing them for taking care and milking. Farmers have to manage buffalo shade, fodder and proper care. SSVB will provide the original breed along with proper guidelines to farmers for taking care of buffaloes. SSVB provides vaccination, medicine, veterinary doctor for monthly check-up etc. We take care of all the financial needs occurred due to buffalo farming and helping farmers hugely by providing employment and earnings.

Buffalo Rearing